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French Pearl guinea keet, 2020

Marie Photo.jpg

Lavender hen, Marie, 2019

Guinea Fowl


 A lot of people are put off by the sounds of guinea fowl, but they aren't just noisy, obscure little things. Guinea fowl are notorious for eating ticks, fleas, and other annoying pests. They're a great alternative to chemical pesticides as they roam in little droves scouring the fields for insects. 


 Guinea fowl are also known for being excellent "watch dogs" as they make a very loud alarm sound when something isn't quite right. We've personally seen guinea fowl alarm at hawks.


 Besides their amazing homesteading benefits, they're fun and curious birds. You'll never be alone weeding your garden or putting up fencing when you have guinea fowl.

 We have French Pearl, Lavender, and Royal Purple on our farm, and will be hatching out Coral Blue in late summer.

 If you are interested in this breed, we offer 

      Hatching Eggs     $50/dozen

      Keets                   $10/each

 All of our birds are certified NPIP/AI clean through the Ohio Poultry Association

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