The Farm

The farm was bought in 2018, with the house dating back to the 1900s. The farm consists of 6.5 acres, with 4 acres originally fenced in. An additional acre was fenced in during summer of 2020. During the first year, a new fence was installed around the original 4 acres and a large 20x60 foot garden was planted. Two senior horses were the first to move to the property, calling the land home. Shortly after, a small flock of sheep and chickens were added, completing the small farm. The farm rapidly grew, adding more sheep, milk goats, and several species of poultry. 

Our recent endevour is becoming certified through A Greener World as an Animal Welfare Approved farm. By obtaining this certificate, it states that our practices are in the best interest of the animal and gaurentess that our animals are raised sustainably and on pasture their entire lives.

The common goal of the farm is to operate as self-sufficiently, sustainably, and  environmentally friendly as possible. Each animal plays a role in maintaining the land, controlling pests, and providing a good or service for the farm. You can view our products made  on the farm, by the farm. Enjoy fresh soap, wool, eggs, and meat, right from our own backyard.

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