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Dominique hen & chicks


Dominique hens 2021

Rooster Photo.jpg

Dominique rooster 2018

Dominique Chickens


 We raise and show exhibition quality Dominiques, which adhere to the Standard of Perfection. They are different from what is found from hatcheries and resemble the Dominiques of yesteryear. The birds raised on the farm maintain their natural mothering instincts, foraging abilities, intelligence, and self - resilience.


 If you are interested in this breed, we offer 

     Hatching Eggs     $50/dozen

     Chicks                  $85/dozen

     Breeding stock    $75/trio

 All of our birds are certified NPIP/AI clean through the Ohio Poultry Association.

 The Dominique chicken is known as America's oldest breed, having come over on the boats with colonists. Their descendants, the Plymouth Barred Rocks, quickly took over as a more popular breed, nearly wiping the Dominiques into extinction. With the help of a few breeders and the Dominique Club of America, this breed has begun to slowly make a comeback on homesteads and hobby farms. You can read all about this amazing breed here.

 We have found this breed to be a great match for our homestead. They are excellent at free ranging and foraging the property. Their light and dark grey patterning, known as "cuckoo", acts as camouflage while they are out and about. This breed lays a medium to large brown egg during the spring through fall months. They are a very docile breed, and are known for having gentle roosters, making them great for families. 

 Owning this breed has been a real step back into time. The Dominique chicken is rich in history, information, enjoyment, and wonderful people who promote them.

Dominique Chicken Standard.jpg

Standard of Perfection, A.Q. Carter

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