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Brown Eggs ($3)
One dozen farm-fresh eggs from certified Animal Welfare Approved hens, who happily live outside on pasture their entire lives. These eggs come unwashed (though a few specks of dirt may be wiped away). Our hens are are 100% free-range and exclusively fed an organic/non-GMO grain. They roam the farm where they scratch and peck at insects and other interesting things. 


Herd Share ($50 + $30/month upkeep)
Our dairy herd is certified Animal Welfare Approved which guarantees that they are happily raised outdoors on pasture their entire lives. One share costs $50 and a monthly upkeep fee of $30 goes towards feed, hay, veterinary care, maintenance, and labor costs. Pick-up on farm unless otherwise discussed.
Find more information here


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Flock Share ($5 + $5 at pick up)
The meat chicken flock is certified Animal Welfare Approved, meaning they are raised outdoors, roaming free from start to finish. Our birds are humanely processed per A Greener World's terms so the birds don't feel pain at any point. One share is $5 with an upkeep fee of $5 at pick up, which entitles you to one pastured meat chicken from our organic/non-GMO fed flock. The cost of the share covers feed, care, maintenance, and labor costs. One chicken weighs about 4-5lbs. 
Find more information here.


Pastured Lamb (Coming Soon!)
We are expecting to have pastured lamb available next year! Shetland lamb is known to be very tender with a sweet flavor. Following plant inspection, we expect our lamb to be processed according to Animal Welfare Approved regulations. 
Our Shetland sheep are raised on pasture year round without supplementation of grain. Shetlands are a slower growing, heritage breed that are listed as "recovering" on the Livestock Conservancy's conservation list. 
Learn more about Shetland lamb here from Slow Food in the UK.

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