Line-drying handspun yarn

Wool & Fiber


 Besides being delightfully wooly, our sheep help take care of us by producing amazing fleeces. All of our fleeces available are from our own flock of sheep, consisting of our registered Shetlands and Jacob wethers. We have a variety of colors and textures for different projects. And if we don't have what you need, we will point you to another local farmer who will!


 With our fleeces, we make roving and yarn. Our fleeces are processed by hand using Unicorn Power Scour, a biodegradable and earth friendly USA-made product, during the washing process. Washed wool is combed or carded by hand and then spun by our FarmHer. 

 When time allows, custom order garments can be made from our yarn or something you own that happened to catch your eye. Rachel and her mom, Bobbi, have extension experience in crocheting and knitting, respectively. Bobbi also has developed a talent for rug weaving, even from fleeces that were thought to be a lost cause. 

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Gaithersburg Stole - Pattern by Bonnie Barker Contemporary Celtic Crochet