The Farmers

Rachel and Chris Harding met in September 2019 and married in September 2020. Rachel grew up in the suburbs of Hilliard riding horses and loving animals, but always dreamed of owning a farm one day. Chris grew up in rural Circleville baling hay, fixing trucks, and being a small town country boy. The two share a passion for sustainable agriculture and small-scale farming. 

Rachel spends most of her time tending the animals and processing wool into yarn. She started her flock of registered Shetland sheep in July of 2020 hoping to work towards becoming a member of the Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association. Rachel is the Secretary of the Dominique Club of America, where she actively raises and shows rare breed Dominique chickens, known to be the oldest American breed. Another passion of hers is raising guinea fowl, focusing on rarer colors.

Chris spends most of his time tinkering and maintaining the farm equipment and making sure the farm runs smoothly. The latest edition to his collection is a vintage Ford 800 tractor used to mow pastures, move hay bales, and shovel gravel. Chris has a passion for vehicle and gun restoration, along with a new interest in pasture management. Chris has also become very fond of Bourbon Red turkeys, a rare color pattern of heritage turkeys. His plans for the coming years are to start a breeding program to help preserve the breed and begin showing his birds.

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