The Animals

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a holistic, pasture-based life to our animals on the farm, no matter what kind. Our poultry, horses, sheep, and goats are all offered access to green pastures to graze, scratch, peck and roll around. On our 6.5 acre farm, we offer enough land for the animals we raise and concentrate on proper pasture management and stocking density to maintain and improve our farm.

We focus primarily on heritage breeds such as the American Dominique chicken, Shetland sheep, Bourbon Red and Slate turkeys. We enjoy playing a part in the conservation of these beautiful breeds and helping to promote them. 

Shetland sheep have been the most recent breed to join our farm. 6 registered Shetland sheep were added in the Summer of 2020 for more color variation and kindly fleeces for spinning and other fiber arts. This breed, along with the American Dominique are part of The Livestock Conservancy, which is a non-profit dedicated to promoting and protecting these rare breeds. 

We do raise Toggenburg goats for our personal milk supply. The milk is used for drinking, baking, cheese, ice cream, and soap. Our farm does offer herd shares of our goats, sheep, and chickens to share in our wealth of wonderful farm-fresh products.

Our animals are raised as naturally as possible, using conventional medication as a last resort. We believe in promoting health rather than treating disease. After having struggled with parasitic worms the first year, we began implementing proper pasture rotation techniques to manage the parasite loads in our sheep. Along with pasture management and bi-annual fecal egg counts, we have noticed considerable improvement in our pastures and the well-being of our livestock.

The majority of our animals are fed organic feed. Since our animals are here to provide a service or good for us, we believe in offering them the best, because it does all come back to us. Unfortunately, our farm is located in the center of a commercial field which is routinely treated with chemicals. With the option of allowing our birds to free-range, they do enjoy wandering into neighboring fields or eating bugs that have crawled from other properties. It is a tough, but we would rather our animals live happily than to pen them up just for a certified label. To help reduce the wandering and chemical drift, we have begun placing fencing around the property to keep our livestock on our land and the healthiest they can be!


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