Organic Wheat from Plain City, Ohio

Organic Grains & Feed

 Fleece & Feather Farm is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to offer organic whole grain feeds manufactured on site. We source all of our grains from local organic farmers (excluding organic peas, we get those from Virginia) and blend our feeds following recipes created alongside livestock nutritionists.

 We resale for New Country Organics and order a pallet every other month between a group of like-minded individuals and split the shipping costs. You can learn more through the Grain Exchange of Southcentral Ohio Facebook group, which is organized to source and provide non-GMO and organic grains and supplies to farmers and hobbyists.

What We Offer

Organic Whole Grain Layer 16% 

Organic Whole Grain Grower/Broiler 20%  

Organic Whole Grain Start Mash 20%  

Organic Whole Grain Turkey 23%  

Organic Whole Grain Poult Mash 26%  

Organic Whole Grain Sheep Feed 16%  

Organic Whole Grain Dairy Goat Feed 16%  

What We Source

Organic Wheat

Organic Oats

Organic Cracked Field Peas

Organic Corn

Organic Roasted Soybeans

Organic Sheep Feed

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Organic Layer Feed