Eggs & Meat

We raise a variety of birds for egg and meat production including chickens, guinea fowl, and turkeys. All of our birds are fed an organic diet and allowed to free range around the property. 

As we make our way towards our Animal Welfare Approved certification, we will focus on heritage breed chickens and turkeys for eggs and meat. Heritage birds are slower to mature and are minimally improved when it comes to comparing them to commercial poultry breeds like the Cornish cross chicken or Broad Breasted turkeys. 

Our flock consists of Dominique chickens, Bourbon Red turkeys, and Blue Slate turkeys, all which are on the watch category for The Livestock Conservancy. Through the selling of eggs and meat, we are helping to maintain and promote these heritage breeds.

The farm is fortunate enough to operate a large cabinet incubator that allows us to hatch the majority of our flock on the farm, rather than sourcing from hatcheries. This ensures that our birds are provided the best of care from day one until the end. We process our birds on the farm so that they do not have to endure the stressors of transportation or new places.

A Dozen brown eggs

Farm raised chicken

Farm raised turkey

Farm raised guinea fowl





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